It’s been four weeks since I started using Essie Nourish Me base coat and the results are impressive as you might have seen from my previous week reports. The condition of my nails keeps getting better and this week I managed to file off all the damaged part from my left hand nails. There might still be a tiny bit of weaker part left on the right hand nails. I filed a good amount of off my nails before taking these photos and I’m hoping to finally be able to start the length growing project. I’m not gonna file anything off for the next two weeks just to see how the tips react to growing them out a bit. So next Tuesday I won’t be writing my usual week report but I’ll be back with some news in two weeks.

Here are the photos of how my nails look now after four weeks of using Essie Nourish Me hydrating base coat.


Left hand nails are now in a very good condition.
Right hand is looking pretty good too.