Here I go again with my weekly Essie Nourish Me report. It’s been three weeks and the peeling is almost grown out. This time you can see a tiny bit of peeling on the tips of the nails but since the tips are already weak and thin I decided to not buff those out anymore. I don’t think those are new peels, they are just left over from what I didn’t get off with my last buffing. Looks like I might be able to file them off with the length next week though. I’m hoping that after two or three more weeks my nails are gonna be healthy again and I can start growing a bit of length on these too.

I now have a tear on my index finger nail too. That happened when my hand slipped from a frozen car door handle. Oh well, it’ll grow out too while I’m growing out the peeled parts.

I will continue these weekly reports until the peeling has stopped and my nails are good as new again. After that I’ll still post about the nail growing project and let you know if Nourish Me can help on the nail growing project and keep the tips from peeling and breaking even when I don’t file off the length every week.