About 6 months ago I decided to get rid of my gel nails and grow my natural nails back. I removed the gel completely from my right hand nails and grew it out from my left hand nails. It was a long process and now I’m finally at the point where my nails are healthy and they are not peeling or breaking.

During this nail growing project I found some new products that work great for me and also tested some that don’t work for my nails. At the moment my nails are growing fast but I’m keeping them at this length and not trying to grow them longer. Right now the perfect shape is more important to me than length. I also have 2,5 months old baby and weather is getting colder. So also for those reasons I’m not even trying to have longer nails.

I’m quite happy with the way they look now. My nails feel strong and healthy and they are actually in the best condition they’ve ever been before. Biggest thanks I owe to Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil and nail care tips I’ve read from NailCareHQ.com. I’m working on a blog post about my current nail care routines and products I use so I’m not going to go in to details here. I just want to show you the results this time and the nail care post will be up soon enough.

I know that some of you out there might be fighting with peeling and weak nails right now or you might be growing out acrylics/gel nails. By showing you my result I hope I can give a little extra kick to your nail growing project and show you that in the end your patience and taking good care of your nails is rewarded with beautiful and healthy natural nails :)



So this is where I started from at the end of May:



Yeah, I know. Looks like a mission impossible and if you thought that was bad, take a look at this next photo taken about a week later, right after nail polish remover. (Duri Rejuvacote was one of the products that did not work for my nails at all. It caused peeling and breaking which is what most nail strengtheners do for my nails).n.



Dry, damaged, weak nails and horrible cuticles. I had a looooong road ahead of me growing these nails back to being healthy.


And here’s were I’m now:



I’m so very proud of myself for having the patience to do this and not go back to gel nails. My nails are naturally very thin and they peel and break easily. Bliss Kiss and Ana’s nail care tips have changed everything for me. As I said earlier I have a post coming up soon about my nail care routines and on that post I explain how I keep my nails looking like this.
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