Today I’ll show you how my “Back to natural nails” project is going. On the photos you can see about month and a half of growth on my right hand nails and 3 weeks progress on growing out the gel layover on my left hand nails. This is always such a long and patience requiring project but so far so good. Naturally I’d like to have strong and long natural nails instantly but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way :P

So here’s where I started from 29th of May. Ultra short nubbins damaged by removal of the gel layover.


And here’s how they looked yesterday 15th of July. There’s still a tiny bit of the damaged part left on my pinky, ring and middle finger nails. Another week of growing and then filing them shorter again should do the trick with those nails and then they are all my natural nails and all healthy.
Index finger nail is another story though. It had some gel left on it since it was fixed one more time later than the other three so there’s still some growing to do. Now the gel layover is gone due to a moment of “Do as I say, not as I do” action. The layover started to lift a bit and in all my wisdom I decided to just rip it of. NEVER do that!! Always file the layover off GENTLY and CAREFULLY without damaging your natural nail! So now I have a very thin and damaged part of the nail to grow out for the next few weeks *sigh*

So let’s move on to the left hand. Here’s how the nails were doing 21st of June.


And here’s the situation yesterday, 15th of July. So on the photo you can see about 3 weeks of growth. The gel layover is still perfectly attached and I’ll leave it be for now on. I keep filing these nails shorter once a week and now there isn’t a huge difference between my right and left hand nails. Both thumbs are in the same point with these ones. About half of the nail plate showing and the rest still has the gel layover on it.

Then let’s talk a bit about the products I’ve been using.

I’m still using Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil daily and my opinion about that hasn’t changed. It’s simply amazing and my nails love it! It has made the world of good for my cuticles and my nails always look nice and well moisturized.

I have also been testing Duri Rejuvacote and I’m afraid it does the same to my nails as most nail strengtheners do, it makes my nails peel. If I use it for three or more manicures in a row my nails start to peel. I switched to Essie Nourish Me but that didn’t stop the peeling completely so I took a few days break from nail polish and just kept applying Pure Nail Oil several times a day. Then I filed off all the length and peeling parts and kept using the oil.

Now I’m going to test Sally Hansen Nail Rehab treatment and see if that works for me. I’m really dying to find a good base coat/treatment for my nails. I always use Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! on top of the treatments, before the polish to prevent staining. I also like the sticky base it creates for the polish.

So all in all the nail growing project is moving along nicely. I’m happy to have my natural nails back and very excited to see if I can find the right products to keep them healthy too.



***Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil and Essie Nourish Me were purchased by me. Duri Rejuvacote and Sally Hansen Nail Rehab were sent to me for free.