On Monday it was time for my second IBX treatment. You can read about my first experience here. The first treatment took away all the sensitivity and that stayed away too. Also my nails did feel stronger and healthier just after one treatment.

I took a two week break between these treatments but I think it would’ve been good to go back after just one week. I just had too many things to do and no time to go get another treatment till two weeks later. I’ve also been testing Essie Millionails nail strengthener/base coat and after the fourth time I used it my nails started to get brittle and tips were dry looking regardless of the fact that I’ve been using a massive amount of nail oil. So maybe now I’ll again believe that no base coat/treatment that says strengthener or nail hardener on the bottle should ever touch my nails.



So here’s how my nails look after the second IBX treatment. Again they feel stronger and healthier. I had a small area on my middle finger nail where some of the nail plate had peeled off when I removed glitter polish. That area disappeared with the treatment. There’s still some damaged areas to be seen on my middle finger nail but those will grow out soon enough. Progress on my right hand is the same. Some damage on my thumb nail that’ll grow out. I also have a weird tear on my right hand middle finger nail that was caused by brushing my horses tail and a strand of hair got caught on my nail. It caused a small tear deep down the nail bed … and where were my gloves you might ask. They were in my pocket where they offer the most protection to my hands and nails ;) IBX seems to have stopped this tear from getting bigger and it’s growing out fast though.



Here’s a comparison photo. I think it’s pretty clear my nails look better again. Also looking at the white spots and other marks on my nails there has been a pretty good amount of growth in two weeks. Hopefully those horizontal cracks on my middle finger nail will grow out in a next couple of weeks. I’m very happy with the progress and how my nails feel. This doesn’t feel like I’m less than a month in to my nail growing project. Usually at this point my nails are a horrid, sore mess. Now they feel and look pretty good. Of course I can’t start growing length right now but I’m quite ok with this length too at the moment.

I have an appointment for my next treatment already on Wednesday next week. I’m planning on having regular treatments every couple of weeks for a bit and then start to go once a month. By far IBX is working really well for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who has issues with their nails.


***Nothing to disclose