Happy Sunday! I’ve missed last two Polishers Inc. Sundays cos of the kids being sick. But now I’m back and today’s theme was “My Cinderella Hand”. So basically do what ever you want on your cinderella hand meaning your other hand you never show on camera.

For me that is my right hand. Doing nail art on my right hand wasn’t a problem really. I do that all the time. Photographing it, now that’s another story LOL Weird poses and finger positions. Sitting on the wrong side of the camera. Everything was so difficult for me. It’s not like I’ve never taken photos of my right hand, cos I have. It just felt like I haven’t. Nevertheless I got something done and the photos taken.

When I hear Cinderella I think of princesses, diamonds and pretty, girly things so that is where I decided to go with this theme.




For this manicure I used Jindie Nails Pink Stilettos, Essie Sugar Daddy on my middle finger, Moo Moo’s Signatures Diamond on my ring finger. The stamping is done with Rica Whiteout and hehe 018 stamping plate. I also added some Swarovskis. Top coat is of course Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

That’s all from me this Sunday but be sure to check out the other ladies and their cinderella hands. You can find the links below.