My blog is so behind my social media sites that it’s not even funny and now it’s time to catch up. As many of you already know I went back to sharper claw nails. I just love this nail shape, I can’t help it. It’s a pain in a butt to maintain but I think it’s worth it. Also if I get tired of them it’s always very easy to go back to square nails.

So this is what my nails looked like about a month ago. Now they are actually a tiny bit shorter as you’ll be able to see on my post tomorrow. I still have a couple of these older manicures to show you after that though.



For these nails I used Wet n Wild Break the Ice (white shimmer for base color), Dance Legend Zolotaya Rybka/Goldfish (golden scattered holo) and Dollish Polish Drooling Over Your Polish (white and gold glitter topper, only sold in Finland). At last a coat of HK Girl fast drying top coat.



I created this shape by sculpting some added length on my natural nails using UV-gel. I pinched the nails lightly while curing to get a nice c-curve.



What do you think? I was quite happy with the result myself and I haven’t regretted this shape change at all.