Here’s another Halloween manicure I did. I’ve seen a lot of manicures like this so the idea and design is not very original but I’ve always wanted to try and do nails like this so now I did.


I used three different grey cremes for the base, KIKO shades 326, 328 and 329. I started by painting a coat of darkest grey shade, KIKO 326 on all my nails. I let the polish dry and applied Glisten & Glow CTRL-ALT-DEL Latex barrier to protect my fingers and cuticles from the mess I was about to do. Then I sponged all three shades on my nails gradient style. After letting the polish dry for a bit I dabbed some more of the lightest shade on the nails to get a foggy looking effect. At last I applied a coat of HK Girl top coat and let everything dry well.

For the design I used Pure Color No 10 nail art brush and black, white and yellow Oumaxi acrylic paints. After I was done I sealed it all in with another coat of HK Girl.



There’s a lot of room to improve here and I think I’ll start with better quality acrylic paints. Those will hopefully allow me to paint a little more detailed designs.