Yay! It’s finally here, the awesome MISH MASH Challenge. We recently ended our weekly ABC Challenge and now we are back with a new challenge and some great new members too :) If you’d like to join this weekly challenge just email me at polishaholic(@)hotmail.com.

And here’s a list of how we are going to keep ourselves busy for the next 30 (!!!) weeks :D


1. Purple
2. Taping
3. Metallic
4. Nail art technique you have never tried before
5. Music
6. Hot
7. Least expensive polish(es)
8. Cold
9. Blue
10. Triangle
11. Book
12. Flower
13. Rainbow
14. Pink
15. Holographic
16. Faux Stone
17. Grey
18. Card or Board Game
19. Around the World
20. Nail stamping
21. Nature
22. 3 colors
23. Favorite Color
24. Inspired by a Decade (50’s/60’s/70’s, etc)
25. Two colors you would never normally pair up
26. Favorite nail art technique
27. Green
28. Animated movie/tv show
29. Black and White
30. Seasons

Awesome, right?

So here’s my Mish Mash manicure for week 1, purple jelly sandwich. For this I used several coats of OPI Houston We Have a Purple and two coats of Jindie Nails Purple People Pleaser. I just love this OPI jelly. So squishy and juicy. Perfect for manicures like this.



So this was my manicure for purple. If you’d like to join this challenge please don’t hesitate to contact me! The more the merrier :)

Below you can find all the lovely ladies. I myself can’t wait to see what all of them have created for this first week!