KKCenterHk sent me some 1.5 mm circular nail art studs for a review. These studs are quite tiny and I liked them a lot. They were very easy to place on the nail and cos of the curved bottom they didn’t damage the wet manicure at all. Instead they kinda sunk into it a little without leaving a mark or a wrinkle into the polish. They lay so flat on the nail that I couldn’t even pick them off with my nails (yes, I tried). I applied these on the not yet dry manicure and sealed them in with a top coat. These stuck on so tight they would have stayed on my nails for days and days but I only wore this for a day and a half.

In this mani I used three coats of Color Club Who Are You Wearing? and then used Color Club Reddy Or Not to do the heart with a dotting tool. I applied the studs on the wet manicure and slightly pressed them down on to the nail. I topped it off with a coat of Inm Out The Door.

These studs were very easily removed with acetone free nail polish remover. Actually so easily that they were all nice and clean on the cotton wool pad and I was able to pick them up for another use ;)

The bag holds about 50 pcs of studs and that is my only complaint. I liked these so much I’d like to get them in a bigger bag than 50 pcs. These are so tiny it’s easy to use a lot of them on a more complicated nail art design.

You can find these nail art studs from KKCenterHk and if you use the code “polishaholic” you’ll get -10% off.



***This was sent for a review