Tips of my nails are still a little weak after removing the gel nails and the past few days I’ve been using glitter polishes to give my tips a little more protection. There’s not much of the damaged part left that still needs to be grown out and then I can start growing my nails a little longer again.

This time I did a purple and pink glitter gradient manicure. First I applied basecoat and then two coats of Color Club Alias. On top of that I applied a coat of Color Club Candy Cane fading it towards the cuticles. At last I applied a coat of Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light on about a half of the nail. I topped it off INM Out The Door Super Fast Drying Topcoat.

I really liked this manicure and the photos just don’t do enough justice to all the bling and sparkle there was.


Color Club Alias, Color Club Candy Cane and Sally Hansen Strobe Light
Super-macro shot