Lately I’ve been watching tutorials online on how to use acrylic paints for nail art. On paper I’ve also tried to paint something that remotely resembles flowers. Painting straight on my nails for the first time I wanted to try something quick and easy.

I decided to try leopard print nails. Not really my style but I need to start somewhere and practise ;) Not necessarily the best possible result but I’ll show you the pics anyways. I’m hoping to get better at this and later on it’s gonna be cool to compare these first tries with newer ones and see the possible progress. While painting these I noticed I really need a thinner, good quality brush so I can work more detailed.

For these nails I first applied a base coat, two coats of Color Club Wild and Willing polish and dried everything up using Seche Vite. Then I mixed the fuchsia and white paint shown on the photo to get light pink which I used to paint the spots on my nails. After those have dried I used the black paint to do the outlines. Last I applied a little bit of Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light glitter polish on top of the leopard print and finished everything up with another coat of Seche Vite.

My nails are still uneven length, even more now than before. Yesterday I filed the longer ring finger nail to be the same length with the others and two hours later I lost a battle against our car’s trunk and broke the index and middle finger nails from my left hand :/