Here’s the second one of the November manis that never made it to the blog. These nails looked stunning IRL. Definitely something I gotta do again. Maybe using some spring colors next time.

I started by painting two big squares on a plastic ziplock bag using Color Club Sultry Diva gold glitter and O.P.I. Alpine Snow white creme. I think I used three coats of each to make the color even and opaque. I let those dry completely and after peeling the squares off the plastic I cut them into smaller shapes and moved them aside to wait for their turn.

I started the actual manicure by painting two coats of Essie Licorice on all my nails and cleaned the cuticles. I let that dry for a while. When the base was still a tiny bit sticky I took a pair of tweezers and started applying the previously cut gold and white shapes on my nails. I carefully placed the sheet of polish on my nails and gently pressed it down to the sticky base. I did this to all my nails, one hand at a time. I used a brush dipped in acetone to “cut” the piece to follow the cuticle line. At last I applied a coat of HK Girl top coat. You should apply the top coat quite fast and not press the brush on the nail too hard otherwise you risk melting the polish and having white streaks over you black base.

This was an easy and simple way to do color block nails. No taping and several layers needed and the end result was beautiful.