Lately I’ve caught myself thinking that “Ohh, that’s pretty! If only I was ten years younger!” on more than one occasion. I’ve felt that I’m starting to be too old for certain things like crazy colored hair or really bright eye shadows. Now it’s time to break out of that box I’ve locked myself into. I’m 38 years old and I’m not too old! Age really is just a number!

I keep buying beautiful, colorful makeup only to leave it sitting on my makeup drawer while I reach for another Naked palette once again. There’s nothing wrong with nude makeup, it’s quick and easy and can’t really go wrong … or can it?

I have noticed that yes, it actually can.

Let me explain.

During summer nude makeup looks fresh, beautiful and glowing. During winter, not so much. I’ve noticed it makes me look dull, lifeless and older *gasp* Winter and spring require color and a good amount of it too. The other day I was testing lipsticks just for the hell of it. Brown-ish red lipstick made me look 5 years older, I swear! (that color looks great on some people, I’m obviously not one of them). Nude colors made my already small mouth disappear completely. Then I tried on bright pink and it instantly lit up my whole face. I had no other makeup on and the difference just the lipstick made was significant.

So the next step was to go for something other than a nude eye shadow palette. I chose Sugarpill Cold Chemistry cos the colors are perfect for winter. I’ve owned this palette for over a year now and I’ve only used the white Diamond Eyes shade. Shame on me!!

This is what I mean though. I have gorgeous, good quality eye shadow palettes and I show them no love. Instead of looking radiant during the winter I decided to look beige most of the time. When and how did this happen? I don’t know but it changes now.



I think this blog is going to take a new direction from here on…

“Almost forty is the new thirty!”  :D

I’m not old!
I can do whatever I want!
Self-made rules are meant to be bent and broken!

Yes, I’m having some sort of age crisis and I’ll fight it publicly, with color! LOL

Eye makeup was done with Sugarpill Cold Chemistry. Lips have Illamasqua Eurydice and MAC Fleshpot in sort of a gradient application. I have a lot of nude lipcolors so this is a perfect way to still use them :)

***All products used for this makeup look were purchased by me.  I don’t benefit from clicking the link on this post.