Yesterday I tried to photograph my first makeup pics for this blog but I managed to look like a crossbreed of a frog and a weird blowfish so you’ll just see they eye ;) Anyways I think you can see the makeup well enough from these pics too. This is a very basic look and easy to do even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

For this I used Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette Earth Tones and underneath it all I have Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. On my lashes I have Wet n Wild mascara primer ( which doesn’t seem to work too well for me but more about that in another post) and Helena Rubinstein’s Lash Queen mascara. Cos this was a very quick makeup I didn’t use eyeliner at all.

First I applied UDPP and then Earth Tones shade 5 closest to the lashes, shade 4 above that to the crease and then shade 2 on the top. I blended the shades together with a big brush. Cos I wanted to keep the round shape of my eyes I blended the shawod using a downwards movement towards the lashes. On the bottom lid I have shade 4 on the outer side and shade 2 towards the corner of my eye.

For this look you can use any eyeshadow and color. Blending the eyeshadows down towards your lashes makes sure you can’t end up with color up to your eyebrows. From eyeshadow primer to the mascara it takes about 5 mins to finish a makeup like this so this is also perfect for busy people.