My Christmas Eve manicure was, as has been for the past few Christmas Eves China Glaze Ruby Pumps. This is such a gorgeous polish that it doesn’t need any decorations or nail art to go with it. It’s just perfection in the bottle!

On my makeup the attention was on my lips. This was probably the first time in my life for that. I don’t like my lips and I rather draw attention to my big eyes. This didn’t look that bad but it’s gonna take a lot of getting used to. I almost removed the lip paint before leaving home and replaced it with nude gloss. Till now I have only used lipgloss, very light shine or nude lipsticks. This was Max Factor Lipfinity Lip colour 120 Hot. I’ll write a post about this at some point.

On my eye makeup I used UDPP Original with Tease and Bootycall from Naked 2 palette. The pop of color for my eyes was Sugarpill Junebug that I turned into an eyeliner using Make Up Store Mixing Liquid. I added a pair of light and natural looking lashes to make my eyes appear bigger and balance the look between my bright lips and nude eyes.