Here’s a quick and easy makeup done with Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette Petal Shine. This palette is Iridescent finish. All the colors on this one are well pigmented and apply smoothly. Iridescent finish also practically blends itself so it’s perfect for quick and beautiful look.

As usual I applied UDPP on the whole lid first. Then I used shade 3 closest to the lashes, almost up to the crease. Above that I applied shade 4 and then shade 5 on the top. At this point the shades are already pretty well blended. Either way I still used a big brush to make the shades slide into each other. After that I used shade 2 to blend the outline and highlight the browbone. After the blending I applied shade 1 to the crease using a brush. This is done the last cos I want the shade to be clearly visible. Shade 1 doesn’t need any blending in this case.