Today I’m showing you how well Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum and Lasting Finish Concealer work for me.

The photos below have not been retouched in any way other than cropping and adding the text. So with this makeup foundation, what you see is what you get on my skin. I have a dry combination skin that very easily looks dry after applying makeup. After three to four hours at the latest I usually experience the foundation running from my cheeks and especially the tip of my nose exposing the red skin. I need all kinds of primer and powdering tricks to keep my face looking good for more than three hours.

So let’s start with a naked face that is moisturized with Philosophy Hope in a Jar.



As you can see on the photo there’s a lot of redness to cover and some dark areas under my eyes due to the severe lack of sleep for the past month. I usually use green colored neutralizer to even out the red areas. This time I won’t be doing that. I also have not been using any primers with these Lasting Finish products cos I didn’t want them to affect the results in any way.

Since this is my first no makeup photo I should probably mention that the redness on my face is caused by me being allergic to something, I have no idea what though. I sometimes take cortisone pills for my asthma and those clear all the redness for a bit. Also I have not done that to my eyebrows. They are just naturally that awesome ;)


I started by applying a very thin layer of Lasting Finish Concealer 030 Warm Beige under my eyes using a flat synthetic brush. I didn’t use this concealer to cover any red areas, I just used it under the eyes. This sets quite fast so I worked one eye at the time blending it in. I used a very small amount and it was almost enough to cover the dark areas. This is easy to build up so I could have applied some more but I don’t like having a thick layer of products under my eyes so I left it be.


After the Concealer I applied Lasting Finish Foundation 102 Light Nude using my fingers and Beautyblender sponge. This also sets nice and quick making it easy to build coverage. I applied another thin coat over the red areas and got a pretty even looking result without neutralizer. The color difference between my face and neck was not as noticeable as the photo suggests. It’s also very hard to make my face looks as light as the neck and chest area is cos of all the redness. In real life the result looked very natural. As you can also see there’s no visible dryness. After leaving this foundation set for a few minutes you have to rub really hard to make it move off your skin. At least I couldn’t get it to move or run by rubbing my face and that is pretty impressive to me. So that tells me you could even wear this without powdering if you wanted.


Next I used Sensai Translucent Loose Powder to lightly powder my face. You still can’t see any dry areas. My face looks a little powdery though cos the photo was taken right after and I didn’t allow the powder any time to blend in with the foundation. On the last photo you’ll see how it actually ended up looking. My dry lips got some Dr PAWPAW Original Balm right after this :P

Now it was time to paint on my brows and eyes…



Used Products:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette
Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme mascara


Used Products:

NYX Mosaic Powder – 02 Latte
Grimas Eyeshadow 580 as a highlighter
IsaDora Perfect Powder Blusher – 13 Perfect Peach

Rimmel Provocalips – 110 Dare To Pink


So here’s the final result and I really couldn’t be happier!  Such a great foundation for a really affordable price. The result looks glowing and natural. I used a matte highlighter so there’s no extra shimmer coming from that. This foundation feels good on my skin and doesn’t feel like I have a ton of makeup on. With this foundation I can skip primers and neutralizers which means I can get my face painted on faster. The staying power is also impressive. I’ve tested this up to 10 hours without experiencing any running or having any need to fix or powder my face during that time. I absolutely love this!


***Lasting Finish Foundation and Concealer were sent for review.