I have two blushes I use way more than any others. I use these almost every time on my everyday makeup and when I want to play it safe. Theses blushes are NARS Orgasm and Torrid. They go perfectly with my warmtoned skin. Orgasm brings on the natural glowing peachy look and Torrid adds a little more color to it. I usually wear these together.

Orgasm is quite shimmery and glowing. You can’t end up with clown cheeks using this one but your cheeks can glow way too much in sunlight if you apply too heavily. Then again Torrid is very pigmented and I suggest you use a light hand applying this and check out the result in daylight before you leave home. These work together perfectly on my cheeks. First I apply contouring, then Orgasm and then the highlighter. I blend everything together smoothly and the last I add a light touch of Torrid for color.

In their pans these two look a lot alike but the swatch photo reveals the truth. Orgasm gives more of a natural glow and Torrid has a lot less shimmer and gives out a lot more color.

So these are my go-to blushes. What about you ladies, what is the blush you go for the most often?