Today I’m showing you two Essence blushes that are about to make their exit out of the stores (at least most stores. These are 10 Heat Wave and 20 Pinky Flow, such beautiful ombre blushes and they are great quality for a very affordable price.



Both of these are very nicely pigmented and apply smoothly. Staying power is also good. I love it how you can get more than just one color from each blush. They are just so pretty to look at too! I think these are being discontinued so if you happen to run in to these babies, do yourself a favor and take them home with you.



Here’s a swatch where I used the whole blushes mixing all the shades together.



Here’s left, middle and right side of 10 Heat Wave



And here’s left, middle and right side of 20 Pinky Flow



So keep and eye out for these pretties in case you can still find them. I’m excited to see the blushes that are replacing these. I hope they are equally great.

What do you think of them? Have you tried these blushes?


***These products were purchased by me.