I just received my first LF Beauty Box yesterday and here’s what I found inside


This was my first Lookfantastic Beauty Box and I was quite pleased with what it had to offer. I’m really bad when it comes to skincare so it’s great for me to get new products to test and use like this.
I really needed an oil for my face so the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil was just perfect. It has a strong citrus scent to it and I’m allergic to citrus. So I applied a small amount of this on my face last night and no reaction. I’m gonna start using this and I’ll keep you updated if I was able to continue even if I’m allergic.
The Macadamia Oil comb might not be good for my thin hair as it might make my hair look oily. I will definitely give it a try though. If the comb doesn’t work for me it will be perfect for my daughter who has thick, down to her hips long hair that is always a mess after a day of being an active, almost 5 year old kid.
I’ve heard good things about the Murad Cleanser so I’m also very excited to try that. The makeup in the box is also interesting to me and well, there’s no such thing as too much makeup so keep ’em coming :D

The only thing I wasn’t excited about was the Gold Collagen food supplement. I don’t see the point of testing something you need to use for weeks to see the result and only having one day worth of the product. I guess you can find out how it tastes and if your stomach can stand it but I would’ve rather had something else instead of this.

All in all, the box was a positive experience and I’m excited to try most of these products :) Now I have to seriously consider getting January’s box :D

***Lookfantastic Beauty Box was purchased by me.  I don’t benefit from clicking the link on this post.