Last year January-February the skin on my hands started to be in a horrible condition. There were deep cracks on my fingertips and cuticles and the skin on my knuckles was so dry that sometimes there was a bit of bleeding. This was partly caused by freezing weather but the biggest reason was taking care of a tiny baby and constantly having to wash my hands. At this point I decided to change my regular hand soap into a more natural product. I ended up buying Urtekram Brown Sugar and Nordic Birch organic hand soaps and I’ve never looked back.

After starting to use those hand soaps my skin quickly started to get better and the fingertips and cuticles haven’t cracked since. There are a lot of natural cosmetics and organic products out there to choose from. I just like these two so much I haven’t felt a need to look for options right now. The scent is mild and they are sold in a store near where I live so I don’t even have to wait for an online order to come in.

Have you tried any organic or natural ingredients hand soaps?