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Sally Hansen Velvet Texture – Crushed and Lush


Matte polishes have made a big comeback and Sally Hansen also released a collection of matte polishes. I got two shades, 610 Crushed and 630 Lush to test.



These are actually a little different than your usual matte polish. Like the name suggests these dry almost textured, concrete looking and very matte. I quite like the effect. Application was surprisingly easy. No balding or streaks. I applied two coats of Crushed but would’ve got away with just one. With Lush I was smarter and only applied one coat. Dry time for two coats wasn’t impossible and it was very quick for just one coat over Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat.



Since these were highly pigmented and very well behaving I decided to try if they’d work for stamping too and yes they did. Since these are fast drying mattes you have to be fast but other than that they worked great. Here’s stamping design I did using a squishy XL stamper and Dream Girl 16 stamping plate.




***These polishes were sent for review.

Mavala Nude Colors and a dry brush manicure


I’ve already shown you the new Mavala Spring 2015 Nude Colors collection here and this time I used all the polishes from this collection to do a dry brush manicure.

I started by applying a coat of 112 Pink Boudoir on a coat of Essie Nourish Me. This one was pretty well behaving and one generous coat evened itself out nicely and dried fast. I really liked this powdery soft pink so I ended up wearing it alone for a day before doing to dry brush manicure.


For this dry brush design I used all the polishes on this collection. I love how matte polishes leave such nice textured look on the nail. Very quick and easy to do. This soft looking design also goes really well together with brighter spring colors.


***This collection was sent for review.

Dance Legend Velvet 649


Dance Legend is still a pretty new brand to me. I previously only had two of their polishes and I recently ordered two more. Here’s the first one of those two, a stunning purple matte, Velvet 649. I love the color and the matte finish of this polish. It’s absolutely gorgeous and goes great with my skin tone.

The application was a bummer though. Balding, dragging, uneven mess. I guess if you take enough polish on your brush you can make this a one coater but it’s easier said than done. I needed two coats on every nail. Even if the second coat evened it out quite nicely you still need to be pretty fast with your application or this will dry thick and lumpy. So my advice is, take enough, not too much polish on your brush and apply the first coat with a few fast and steady strokes. Let dry completely and apply the second coat the same way. What ever you do, don’t go back and try to even it out or you’ll make the polish bald even more and pile up. Just let it dry and the second coat will fix it.

All that being said, this dries super fast and looks surprisingly even when completely dry. So if you’re careful with your application this is totally worth getting. Such an amazing color! I love it!! Totally worth the difficult application.

This is two coats over a a coat of Essie Nourish Me.



***This polish was purchased by me. 


My first look at Mavala Spring 2015


There’s still snow on the ground and winter hasn’t really even arrived at full force yet here in Finland. So what would be a better time to look forward to the warmer weather and let those spring collections roll out. Here’s what Mavala came up with for Spring 2015.

Matte polishes are making a big comeback and Mavala is on board with that. This collection has six beautiful and smooth matte shades that are perfect for spring. I did a quick test on a couple of nails and my first impression was that these are a little tricky to apply and they dry fast. I got the best result with one thick coat applied fast (except for Lavender which requires two coats). These bald easily so you don’t want to go over the same spot too many times. You can always use a matte top coat too to smooth out a surface or a shiny one if you don’t love the matte finish. Some of these are so well pigmented that I’m also going to try stamping with them.

All in all I love these soft shades and I already have a few nail art designs in mind.


***This collection was sent for review.  

Mish Mash Challenge Week 7: Least expensive polish – Golden Rose Matte Velvet #105


Happy hump day! For once I’m getting my post up on Wednesday :D This week we are using our least expensive polish/polishes. I chose Golden Rose Matte Velvet #105. This one was also in my untrieds so it was an easy choice. I found this from a discount bin at a local store and it cost me 1 euro. I believe I have never bought a polish cheaper than one euro :)

This is two coats of Matte Velvet 105 alone, no undies, no top coat.



Application was great and two coats is enough for an opaque result. This dries to a semi matte, shimmery finish. Very beautiful color :)  I have no complaints.

Now I’m off to check out what kind of awesome findings the other ladies have to show for this cheap polish week :D



***This polish was purchased by me

Jindie Nails – Hot Pink Floyd


Along with the new Spring Chic shades Jindie Nails released Matte Velvet Duo with sTEALth and Hot Pink Floyd. I have already reviewed sTEALth and today I have Hot Pink Floyd for you. Here’s how it’s described on Jindie Nails website “It has a super bright neon pink crelly base with iridescent, color shifting squares and hex in blue/purple/green.  It also has bits of real silver flakes throughout!”. Like in sTEALth, there’s lovely depth to this and it’s absolutely stunning with and without top coat.

This is three thin coats of Hot Pink Floyd alone and the last two photos have G & G HK Girl top coat.


With G & G HK Girl Fast Drying + Super Shiny top coat
With G & G HK Girl Fast Drying + Super Shiny top coat
Hot Pink Floyd has the same great formula as sTEALth and application is really smooth. Two coats would be enough for shorter nails but my longer one needed three thin coats.

Matte Velvet Duo is limited time so get yours while these pretties are still around!

Jindie Nails polishes are available to US and Canada customers at International customers click here to find a distributor that works the best for you. Jindie Nails can also be found from FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

***Hot Pink Floyd was sent for review, HK Girl top coat purchased by me.

Jindie Nails – sTEALth


Jindie Nails recently released Velvet Matte Duo polishes and here’s first of the two, sTEALth. Jen describes this polish as: “Matte, velvet finish deep teal crelly with blue, purple and green iridescent and color shifting glitters”. I LOVE this color! It is amazing! There’s depth matte polishes don’t usually have and when you add the top coat this is jaw dropping gorgeous! It’s like having two polishes in one, matte and super glossy. Can’t beat that!

This is three coats of sTEALth, first alone as matte polish and last two photos with top coat.


With top HK Girl Super Shiny + Fast Drying top coat
With top HK Girl Super Shiny + Fast Drying top coat
sTEALth has a very good formula and application was flawless. For shorter nails two coats would be enough but my longer nails needed three for opaque result. This stunning beauty is limited edition so get yours while you can!!
Jindie Nails polishes are available to US and Canada customers at International customers click here to find a distributor that works the best for you. Jindie Nails can also be found from FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

***This was sent for review


Golden Rose Matte Velvet – 103


I found these Golden Rose polishes from a discount basket at a local store for 50 cents a bottle and decided to buy the blue shade number 103. I figured that for 50 cents it wouldn’t be such a great financial loss if it ended up being something awful. Also my 9 yr old niece gladly takes all the nail polish bottles I give her so I wouldn’t have to throw it in the trash either.

This polish ended up surprising me positively though. It applied well and was opaque with just one coat (I still used two coats). Dry time was very quick and I really like the color too. Without a top coat this dried to a nice velvet-y semi matte finish. I don’t have too many blue polishes so this one got to move into my polish drawer and make friends with other cheap polish bottles ;)


Nice velvet-y semi-matte finish without a top coat
Top coat just ads a bit of shine to it
This polish is packed with beautiful light blue shimmer