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My newest Dollish Polish pretties


Hello lovelies! As you have probably noticed I’ve been on a short break. I’ve just felt completely drained out of energy and tried to charge my batteries a little. Yeah, I have too much to do, no charging happening any time soon so I just better get back on the saddle and suck it up ;) I’ll start by publishing the posts when ever and after I get a few more of them ready I’ll start the regular scheduled posts again.

So here’s two new additions to my ever growing Dollish Polish collection. These are from the Pulp Fiction collection and as I write this they are both available at Dollish Polish webstore.

First we have English Mother F*ucker, Do You Speak It?

“soft rose/berry shade has a subtle metallic sheen with a hint of red & pink glass flecks”

This was almost a one coater for me but I applied two. So easy to apply nice and smooth. Dry time was quick too. I wore this for at least 4 days and there was no chipping. Very good quality and lovely color! I also love the fact that I can see the shimmer on the nails too and it’s not only visible in the bottle.

On the photos I’m wearing one coat of Essie Nourish Me, one coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of English Mother F*ucker, Do You Speak It?  and HK Girl top coat.


The other one I bought from this collection is Zed’s Dead Baby, Zed’s Dead.

“a rich mossy olive green, loaded with green iridescent flakes & micro flakes”

This one is more jelly like but still opaque with two coats. Also easy to apply and dried fast. Flakes are quite visible on this one and I just love this shade of green. I think this would also make a great base for stamping.

This is one coat of Essie Nourish Me, one coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of Zed’s Dead Baby, Zed’s Dead and HK Girl top coat.


***These polishes were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking the link on this post in any way. 

One of my all time favorite Jindies


I think I got Jindie Nails Princess Breath from one of the first review packages I received from them and it has remained as one of my favorites since I first tried it two years ago.

I recently got a brand new bottle and decided to revisit this gorgeous polish. Formula was excellent! No dragging or balding, no streaks and it was opaque on two easy coats. I did turn the bottle upside down before application but I didn’t fish for any of the glitters and no glitter placement was done. What you see is what you get with normal application.


This is one coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of Princess Breath and Rica Glossy Glam top coat.

You can buy Jindie Nails polishes from or from authorized distributors. You can find the latest news, releases and restock info from their FB and IG.


***Princess Breath was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

My new favorite black!


A good black creme polish is one of the must haves in every polish addicts collection. I already had two good ones and now I think I’ve found my favorite one yet, Glitter Gal Serpent Black.

This black is very well pigmented, a one coater if you apply a generous coat. It also evens itself out perfectly, doesn’t run to your cuticles and if you manage to make a mess it isn’t impossible to clean. This is listed as a creme but it’s so squishy and glossy that I’d say it’s a borderline crelly. Dry time was also very quick. Just a perfect black!

This is one coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, a coat of Serpent Black and HK Girl top coat.

Check out Glitter Gal website for more info and their store.


***Serpent Black was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

piCture pOlish – O’Hara


So here are the first “official” swatch photos that I took on all natural nails (these photos still show the swollen pregnancy fingers that are also now back to normal). There are some iPhone shots that can be seen on my IG that were taken before these.

And can I just say YAY! It was a looooong road to get here but I didn’t give in and apply the gel back on my nails. We’ll see what the winter and freezing weather brings with it though :P Either way I don’t see the super long nails coming back soon since it’s a nice change to have shorter nails now.

Then let’s move on the beauty that is piCture pOlish O’Hara, stunning red crelly with a scattered holo effect. Such a gorgeous polish! Unfortunately I don’t have photos taken in direct sunlight but trust me, the holo goodness is there.

The formula on this was perfect! Easy and smooth application with a quick dry time. I really appreciate great quality polishes like this one right now cos the time I have to do my nails is so limited at the moment.

For this manicure I used a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat, two coats of O’Hara and HK Girl top coat.




***This polish was purchased by me.

Dollish Polish Got Snow Cones? and Murky Dismal


It’s about time I show you some of the swatch photos I took during the summer and never posted here on my blog. So let’s start it off with two Dollish Polish pretties. On these photos I still have some gel left on my nails and they are longer than my nails are at the moment.


Got Snow Cones? (Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! base coat, two coats of Got Snow Cones? and two coats of HK Girl top coat).

Application is easy when you use a very light hand to prevent the glitter pieces from dragging bald spots on the white base. It also helps to let the first coat dry well before applying the second one. I placed some of the glitters to get a more even looking result. This is such a cute and fresh looking polish!



Murky Dismal (Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! base coat, three thin coats of Murky Dismal and a coats of HK Girl top coat).

This has a very good formula and application is really easy. I used three thin coats to achieve a good sandwich effect.




***These were sent for review.

Some Dollish Polish pretties


Here’s some Dollish Polish swatches that I’ve been sitting on for a while now. I absolutely love Dollish Polish polishes and lately I’ve been making my collection bigger a couple of polishes at a time :)




“This is a milky white crelly polish with a hint of Mint Green, has iridescent flakies and varying size Teal Green holographic glitters for a magically enchanting manicure worthy of Hogwarts!”
This polish is like a breath of fresh air! I love the simple color combination and quality on this. Application was smooth and easy. No need to fish or place the glitters. This is two normal coats and HK Girl top coat.
“Inspired by the Cartoon Network’s Chowder, this neon purple jelly has tons of glitters, ranging from hexagons, squares, and circles, all in varying shades of periwinkle, purples, pinks, magenta, and blue/green iridescent glitters.”
This awesome jelly is so juicy and squishy! Such a vibrant purple glitter bomb, a jelly polish at it’s most perfect form! The formula is quite sheer so if you’re not a fan of multiple coats of jelly goodness like I am I suggest you layer this on top of a creme polish. The application is flawless and you can apply this so thin that four coats seen on the photos really weren’t a problem at all. Just created amazing depth and squishy-ness (yes, that must be a real word :P). This is four very thin coats and HK Girl top coat. (This was a hard one to photograph accurately so I did adjust the colors on the photos to make the polish look more like it does in real life).
“A pale pink crelly, jammed with tiny white squares, white stars, and a mix of neon pink, green, purple and orange hexagons and squares.”
This one has such a delicious color combination, perfect for summer! One of those cheerful fun polishes that put you in a good mood :) Application was good and this was easy to apply thinly so you can layer it for a nice sandwich effect. I suggest you turn the bottle upside down before application to help get the stars out of the bottle. This is three thin coats and HK Girl top coat.

***These were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Love, Angeline – Lunar Love


Today I have my first Love, Angeline polish to show you. I’ve seen some beautiful swatches of this around the internet and I just needed to add this bottle to my collection. I have to say Lunar Love is just as beautiful as I thought it would be. This is a very pale pink crelly with light blue shimmer and iridescent glitters.

Formula was a bit on the thick side but not too thick, no need for thinner or anything like that. I applied two normal coats and I noticed that if I tried to be too particular with the application the polish started dragging a bit. So I got the best result by applying this fast and not paying attention on the possible unevenness of the first coat. The second coat smooth everything out perfectly anyways. You also want to have enough polish on your brush instead of trying to make the coats too thin. Dry time was very quick with HK Girl fast drying top coat.

Lunar Love is such a beauty!

On the photos my nail shape is starting to be a little funny cos the gel layover growth line shows through the polish. There’s not much I can do about that right now since I’m trying to grow that layover out. I’m hoping to start swatching on my right hand soon. I’m also thinking about different nail art options for this kind of situation where you might want to hide the gel/acrylic growth line on your nails.

So for this manicure I used a coat of Essie Nourish Me, two coats of Lunar Love and HK Girl top coat.

I bought my bottle from Norway Nails.



***This polish was purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Dollish Polish – It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna Die!


Dollish Polish polishes recently arrived to a Finnish webstore and I received a few polishes to review too. Today I’ll show you the supercute It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna Die!

” A very pale pink crelly, loaded with tons of pink glass flecks and also has circles, hexagons and squares of every size and pink shade imaginable! This shades is so fluffy, you’ll wanna squish it to death!”

The formula on this was just perfect, smooth, glossy and self leveling. I LOVE this! When I swatched this I didn’t even want to take it off cos it was so cute and pretty! For the photos I applied three thin coats of It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna Die! and HK Girl top coat.



***This polish was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Jindie Nails K.I.S.S. review and restock info

4 has been restocked with sold out colors. New colors launching today (Monday) at noon US central time zone! International shipping available!
Colors that have already been restocked on Sunday include: 
my collaboration shade Pink Stilettos
New colors launching today are:
Seahawks duo – You Mad, Bro? and Everyday I’m Russell’n.
* * * * *

And then to the swatch of the day, K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Stupid), which was also restocked yesterday. This is part of the upcoming Recover Me collection and later this week I’m going to show you another gorgeous polish I got to swatch from this collection. You can read the idea and inspiration behind this collection from Jindie Nails website.

“K.I.S.S. is a barbie pink cream/jelly loaded with copper and bronze shimmer, copper flecks, sparks of small scarlett hexagons and pink/gold shimmer.”

K.I.S.S. applies smooth as butter and was opaque with two coats. This dries nice and smooth and the top coat brings out the beautiful shine. I love how subtle the glitter is in this and the shimmer gives it a beautiful glow in real life. Very pretty and girly looking polish!

On the photos I have two coats of K.I.S.S. with HK Girl top coat.

Jindie Nails polishes are sold on their webstore at International customers can find an authorized distributor here. You can also check out Jindie Nails social media sites on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for more swatches and latest news of amazing upcoming polishes and restocks!



***This polish was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.