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Essence the gel nail polish – 23 Wonderfuel


I recently visited the Essence stand in a local store and bought five polishes. Here’s a first of those five, 23 Wonderfuel from their the gel nail polish line. This polish isn’t an actual gel polish that requires UV-light to dry. It dries like a normal polish but it’s said to be long lasting. Since I have the UV-gel layover on my nails I can’t really say much about how long this lasts cos the gel layover pretty much makes every polish long lasting.

The lovely KIKO 255


Fall is probably my favorite time of the year when it comes to nail polish and makeup. Deep, dark, dramatic colors, purples, burnt orange, reds, browns … love them!

So getting KIKO 255 Violet Microglitter on my nails made me very happy. This is such a beautiful dark purple packed with holographic micro-glitter. So, so pretty and perfect for fall when you still have bright, sunny days to make that sparkling glitter pop! These photos are taken with daylight bulbs so the holo effect doesn’t show in all it’s glory, but trust me, it’s there.



Application was a little uneven on the first coat and I applied three thin coats for perfect result. This dries a little rough and dull so top coat is a must. This dried pretty fast and removal wasn’t that bad at all even with all the micro-glitter in it. Since I have the uv-gel layover on my nails again I didn’t use any base coat. Shine is provided by HK Girl, my favorite fast drying top coat.


***KIKO 255 was purchased by me.

Shorter nails and random green-ish manicure


I broke a nail from my swatch hand :( I swear it’s been months since I broke a nail from my left hand. I’ve broken a couple of nails from my right hand but my swatch hand has been perfect for so long. My hand slipped from the car door handle and I broke my index finger nail. The damage could’ve been far worse though. At least I was able to leave some length on them. I prefer my nails a little longer than this but I can live with these for now.

So I decided to cheer myself up with a quick and simple manicure. I wanted to try my new gorgeous F.U.N. Lacquer Legend (Limited edition) with some of the Essie Spring colors and they all went together perfectly.


IDUN Minerals Nail Polish – Agat


Today I have sort of a teaser for you since IDUN Minerals products are not available around the world yet. I just want to show you this and some of their other products in upcoming posts in case the brand comes available in your country in a future. IDUN Minerals is a Swedish mineral makeup company and you can read more about their products from their website.

The first product I’m going to show you is one of their nail polishes. At the moment their line has 13 colors plus a base coat and top coat. IDUN polishes are 5-Free. The bigger cap on the bottle comes off easy leaving a smaller one that is easier to hold when you paint your nails.


Jindie Nails – I’m Rick James B****h!


Hello! I’m making good progress on getting the new blog ready and now I have a moment to show you this awesome new Jindie Nails polish. This is I’m Rick James B***h!

“a silver holographic polish that is very complex.  It has multiple sizes of micro silver, premium holographic glitters and pigments, real silver flakies, rainbow pear flakies and 3 other larger, multi-color shifting flakies throughout.  It is opaque in only 2 coats, but can be worn as a topper with one very light coat.”