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Some Essence shopping for spring


I recently did some Essence shopping. I was surprised to see the Juice It! Trend Edition in the store because I thought it came out last year. Did I miss something? Did they re-release it? So I got some products from that collection and two Matt Matt Matt lip products plus a lipliner pencil.

I love just Essence! Many of their products are so good and so affordable.

My first NCLA polishes


I received my first ever NCLA polishes this week. I was very excited to try these cos they are my first 7-free polishes. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the brand plus their color and finish selection is amazing. I also got NCLA Treatments First Base base coat to test.

Blue Essies for winter with a hint of gold


There’s still a good amount of snow on the ground here in Finland so it’s a perfect time of the year to wear blue polishes. I just always associate blue polish with winter. I did another very quick and easy nail art thingy too. That’s all I have time for nowadays. My youngest one is a real life human tornado and when he is up it is completely impossible for me to do my nails. So quick and easy manis it is :)

Starting the new year with vampy claws


End of the year was so busy for me that I didn’t get to even do my nails. I was running around with nekkid nails most of the December. I also fixed the gel layover on my left hand nails twice and never had time to do the right hand. Pathetic! Right before New Year’s Eve I decided that enough is enough and I refuse to welcome the new year with horrible nails. So I finally managed to reshape my nails and fill in the UV-gel layover. I painted them just couple of hours before midnight. So obviously I stayed at home and took it easy New Year’s Eve :P


Glisten & Glow – Cocktails Anyone? Round 2


I previously showed you the collection part 1 (you can find it here) and today it’s time for equally awesome Round 2. These colors are little darker and more fall winter appropriate. I absolutely love these shades! I mean I have dreamed of a delicious brown polish with a super strong linear holo effect. So good, SO GOOD my friends!