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Testing out my dotting tools


Today I wanted to test my dotting tools on yesterday’s Color Club Best Dressed List mani. Dotting tool is such an easy and quick way to do something a little extra for your manicure. Even a complete nail art mess like me can succeed with those :D

For the dots I used Color Club’s Who Are You Wearing? and Charity Ball polishes from the same Rebel Debutante collection. I think these shades go together quite nicely and the result is pretty and very simple. I think I’m gonna do something else later using these same three polishes together.

I find it kinda interesting that Rebel Debutante was a spring collection on 2010 even though most shades look more like fall colors to me.


First try at hand painting using acrylic paint


Lately I’ve been watching tutorials online on how to use acrylic paints for nail art. On paper I’ve also tried to paint something that remotely resembles flowers. Painting straight on my nails for the first time I wanted to try something quick and easy.

I decided to try leopard print nails. Not really my style but I need to start somewhere and practise ;) Not necessarily the best possible result but I’ll show you the pics anyways. I’m hoping to get better at this and later on it’s gonna be cool to compare these first tries with newer ones and see the possible progress. While painting these I noticed I really need a thinner, good quality brush so I can work more detailed.

For these nails I first applied a base coat, two coats of Color Club Wild and Willing polish and dried everything up using Seche Vite. Then I mixed the fuchsia and white paint shown on the photo to get light pink which I used to paint the spots on my nails. After those have dried I used the black paint to do the outlines. Last I applied a little bit of Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light glitter polish on top of the leopard print and finished everything up with another coat of Seche Vite.

My nails are still uneven length, even more now than before. Yesterday I filed the longer ring finger nail to be the same length with the others and two hours later I lost a battle against our car’s trunk and broke the index and middle finger nails from my left hand :/


Xmas mani – part 1


This Christmas time I’ve been so lazy it’s not even funny. So I might continue being lazy when it comes to manicures too ;) I’ve only done two Xmas manis (very simple ones) and this is the first one of those.

Here’s the yesterday’s Sephora by OPI Sample Sale mani with Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me top coat on the tips and Art Club liner Gold Hologram.


French mani with glitter vol. 2


This is yesterday’s mani. I added butterflies and made some dots with Color Club Electro Candy using a dotting tool. A little too cute for my taste but I’ll post the pic anyways ;) I don’t know when I’ll learn that decorations like this just aren’t my thing :P Thank goodness for nail polish remover!


French mani with glitter


Let’s continue with glitter. Here’s a french mani with glitter. I found a package of Trind Nail Stickers for French Manicure thingies and as soon as I used them I vividly remembered why they were forgotten in the first place. They leave glue goo on your nails and yet they don’t stick well enough to create a sharp straight line. Also I like the white line to be a little more curved than what these stickers are. Regardless of all this I decided to continue my mani and covered the whole mess with some glitter polish.

In this mani I used: OPI NNS, OPI Alpine Snow on the tips and Color Club Si Vous Please! to cover everything. Seche Vite on top to dry the whole thing.

Not perfect but allright. Next time I could try some sheer pink polish under the glitter and free hand the tips.


Halloween week :D


This is Halloween week and I decided to start it with an orange-black combination mani. I used China Glaze Code Orange with a rose from Konad plate M13 done with Konad black special polish. I also added some black pearls. I started with a quite subtle mani and we’ll see about blood red and black nails with skulls on them later this week ;)