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The lovely KIKO 255


Fall is probably my favorite time of the year when it comes to nail polish and makeup. Deep, dark, dramatic colors, purples, burnt orange, reds, browns … love them!

So getting KIKO 255 Violet Microglitter on my nails made me very happy. This is such a beautiful dark purple packed with holographic micro-glitter. So, so pretty and perfect for fall when you still have bright, sunny days to make that sparkling glitter pop! These photos are taken with daylight bulbs so the holo effect doesn’t show in all it’s glory, but trust me, it’s there.



Application was a little uneven on the first coat and I applied three thin coats for perfect result. This dries a little rough and dull so top coat is a must. This dried pretty fast and removal wasn’t that bad at all even with all the micro-glitter in it. Since I have the uv-gel layover on my nails again I didn’t use any base coat. Shine is provided by HK Girl, my favorite fast drying top coat.


***KIKO 255 was purchased by me.

Jindie Nails – Phone, Keys, Polish, Check! and The Blue That Holds Us Together


Today I have two awesome polishes by Jindie Nails. These are sister polishes Phone, Keys, Polish, Check! and The Blue That Holds Us Together.

These are really vibrant colored jelly polishes packed with glitter, microglitter, holographic glitter, and shimmer. Absolutely stunning!!!

Phone, Keys, Polish, Check! is a one coater! One generous coat was enough for an opaque result. Application was excellent and dry time was quick. This dries a little rough so I applied two coats of top coat to get a smoother result.

This is one coat of Essie Beam Me, a coat of  Phone, Keys, Polish, Check! and two coats of HK Girl top coat.


The Blue That Holds Us Together had an equally excellent formula and application. Though for this I applied two thinner coats. This was also a bit top coat hungry so again I applied two coats of top coat.

This is a coat of Essie Beam Me, two coats of The Blue That Holds Us Together and two coats of HK Girl.


Aaaahhh!! I’m so in love with these! They are even more vibrant and sparkling in real life!

You can buy Jindie Nails polishes from or from authorized distributors. You can find the latest news, releases and restock info from their FB and IG.

***These were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Cult Nails – I Got Distracted


Here’s a perfect polish for New Year’s Eve celebration for those of you who love dark nail polish. Cult Nails I Got Distracted is black jelly with green glitter and holographic shimmer/microglitter. Very beautiful and sparkly!

Formula was good and application was easy. Tiny bit of balding on the first coat but everything evened out perfectly with the second coat. Dry time was also quick. Very good quality polish. This dries a little rough so you’ll definitely need to use a top coat with this one though.

For this manicure I used two coats of I Got Distracted and HK Girl top coat (This is also now available on Norway Nails).

Cult Nails polishes are available for European customers at Norway Nails. You can use the code “POLISHAHOLIC” to get -10% off of any purchase. Norway Nails offers a wide range of gorgeous indies and other polish brands. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


***I Got Distracted was sent for review, HK Girl was gifted to me me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post or use of the discount code in any way.

Essie – Toggle To The Top


Looking for a great shade for Holidays but feel like the usual bright red isn’t really for you? Essie Toggle To The Top might be an answer for that polish problem. This deep dark red jelly with a lot of red glitter and shimmer is absolutely stunning. It just glows!

Application was a little weird and I had to keep moving the polish on my nail for a bit to get the glitter to apply evenly. BUT one(!!) coat was enough for the result you see on the photos. One very generous coat also dried very quickly. This one is a bit of a top coat eater so I used two coats of HK Girl top coat. Base coat was IsaDora Peel Off Base.

I absolutely loved this vampy red shade!




***Toggle To The Top and Peel Off Base were sent for review, HK Girl was gifted to me. I don’t benefit from clicking the links on this post in any way.

Femme Fatale – Fatal Attraction


Happy hump day! Today I have the last one of my four new Femme Fatale polishes, Fatal Attraction. This is a very beautiful shade packed with holographic micro-glitter and shimmer. Base is somewhat sheer and jelly-ish giving this polish some depth. Perfect color for fall! Love this!

This is three thin coats of Fatal Attraction and two coats of G & G HK Girl top coat.


Photo taken with daylight bulbs.
Photo taken in sunlight.
Photo taken with daylight bulbs.
Photo taken in sunlight.
Fatal Attraction applies well and smoothly. Though you should be careful with the application cos cleanup with this one is not easy. Mess your cuticles, do the cleanup and you might end up with shimmer up to your elbows ;) This also dries a little gritty, hence the two coats of HK Girl.

Femme Fatale polishes and cosmetics can be bought from their website if you live in Australia. International customers can find Femme Fatale polishes from LlaroweHarlow & CoNorway NailsShoppe Ecclecticco and Ledouxnuage.

You can also follow Femme Fatale on social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



***Fatal Attraction was sent for review. HK Girl top coat was purchased by me.

Delush Polish – Glamazon


A little while ago I received my first order from Delush Polish indie brand. I got two polishes in that order. I have already shown you the gorgeous Opalesque and today I have Glamazon for you. This is very bright rasberry pink crelly with a lot of small glitter and beautiful shimmer. This color is quite sexy and glamorous! The last photo shows the beautiful multicolor/holographic shimmer this has.

This is two coats of Glamazon and two coats of G & G HK Girl top coat.


Glamazon has a bit thick almost gel like formula. Application was smooth and easy though and two coats was enough for opaque results. This is a bit of a top coat eater so you might want to use a product like Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food or two generous coats of your favorite top coat to make sure you end up with a smooth result.
Delush Polish has an Etsy store and they ship internationally. You can also follow Delush Polish on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Wet n Wild – Rocking In Rubies


I just had to test my new Wet n Wild polish right away. Rockin In Rubies is bright red polish with red and gold shimmer. Though you can only see the gold shimmer in the bottle, on the nails it’s all looking red. This one is really flaming red and quite beautiful.

Rockin In Rubies is pretty thin and runs on your cuticles pretty easy. After two coats I still had visible nail line so I could’ve actually used three. Still this is pretty well pigmented for a cheap polish. It also took quite a while to dry. Anyways, I can forgive all of this cos it’s such a pretty shade ;) Now I’m just hoping it’ll stay on a few days without chipping.

In this mani I used: OPI NNS x2, Rocking In Rubies x2 and Poshe to dry it all.

Yesterday when I removed my last mani I noticed all the nails on my right hand have started peeling. After cursing and swearing for a while I realised why this is happening. At work while doing gel and acrylic nails I use this disinfecting cleaner and that must be drying up my nails. So I guess I should finally get them damn gloves and start wearing them too or I can kiss goodbye to my wishes of having long and healthy nails. I hope the peeling will calm down instead of turning into a nail breakage festival.


China Glaze – Caribbean Blue


Yet another polish from the China Glaze Bahama Blues collection, Caribbean Blue. This is an interesting light blue shade with a lot of silver micro-glitter/chunky shimmer. I expected this to be brighter but I see it as bit muted. Either way it’s quite pretty.

Caribbean Blue was normal thickness in the bottle and it dried quicly. Application could’ve been a bit better though. I think this needs three coats to be fully opaque. I was lazy though and only applied two coats cos I knew I was gonna remove it the following morning ;)

In this mani I used: OPI Nail Envy Soft & Thin x1, Caribbean Blue x2 and Poshe on top.