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Some Essence shopping for spring


I recently did some Essence shopping. I was surprised to see the Juice It! Trend Edition in the store because I thought it came out last year. Did I miss something? Did they re-release it? So I got some products from that collection and two Matt Matt Matt lip products plus a lipliner pencil.

I love just Essence! Many of their products are so good and so affordable.

Avon True Color Perfectly Matte lipsticks


Avon just launched their True Color Perfectly Matte lipsticks here in Finland. They are selling 15 gorgeous shades and I bought sample sizes of all of them cos I wanted to test how they are and see what the colors are really like. I must say, I love these! They are creamy yet still they are matte. They apply like a dream and don’t dry my lips. Staying power is very good considering the creamy texture. I just love them!

My first ColourPop order


So I jumped on to the ColourPop bandwagon that is going strong especially on YouTube and ordered my first pretties. Now it’s safe to say that I’m hooked! I absolutely love the products that I ordered and I can’t wait to get more. I’ve just seen the new Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks and O M G (!!) Matte is my favorite lipstick finish so I’m really, really excited about those. I want all of them now :D So I’ll be placing a new order as soon as those heavenly lip colors are released.

So what was in my first order?


LivBox – March


Time for another LivBox, a cosmetics subscription box only available in Finland but many products in it are usually international.


It was quite a nice box this month too. Most of the products I will definitely test and use.

I did a quick test on Bangerhead Fresh Me Up! dry shampoo and though it smelled very nice it was also a little too lightweight for my taste. It’s supposed to add volume to my hair but I can’t say I really saw or felt a difference. I will definitely give this another try later on.

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Shine Control Cream-Gel for face. I did a quick test on this too. Felt pretty light weight as you would expect a gel like cream to feel like. The scent was also very nice and fruity. I didn’t see a clear matte effect immediately but I will have to test this under makeup to really give my opinion on it. So review might be coming up later on.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture shampoo and conditioner came in travel size tubes. I had a moment to test these already. The shampoo is clear and gel like, lathers well and washes your hair clean. Though it left my hair feeling kinda heavy which is weird result for a product that is meant for fine and flat hair. Conditioner made my hair silky smooth and easy to comb through. After my hair was dry it was shiny and really smooth but also pretty flat. Though I love the silky feeling on my hair now I still expected a different result. I will probably use these tubes but won’t buy these again.

Best product in this box for me was Rimmel Provocalips 310 Little Minx since I love Provocalips lip colors and I didn’t have this shade yet. I will have a review for these lip colors later on.

There was also Nailfix cuticle oil (Finnish brand) which I most likely won’t use on my nails since I swear on Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil. This oil comes with a hygienic dropper so I might use this on my toes when I do my pedicures.

At last there was two perfume samples. Calvin Klein Reveal for men smelled absolutely divine on my husband so we’ll definitely be buying a bottle of this later on. Chloé Love Story was a floral scent and not my kind of scent at all. I gotta give that one to my mother cos it’s something she might like. I myself like my perfumes sweeter and heavier.



Illamasqua Matte Lipstick – Eurydice and Scandal




Days are getting brighter and spring is getting closer day by day so it’s time to dig out those bright lipsticks. Illamasqua Eurydice and Scandal are my favorite matte lipsticks for this time of the year.

These are very dry, very very pigmented and they stay on really well. Dryness can be an issue when you apply the lipstick since these are a little dragging on your lips. I find my MAC Ruby Woo being the same way. I use a brush to apply these and I really have no problems. Despite of being dry they don’t feel crazy dry on your lips, more like creamy and as said, the staying power is really good.



Eurydice is a super bright pink and I find that this can stain your lips a little. Not much though and I don’t find it annoying. My lips are naturally pretty light colored so this little staining effect gives them a healthy glow :D Just wanted to mention the possibility of staining since some of you might not like it.

Scandal is a warm coral pink and I absolutely love this shade. It’s so perfect for me! I haven’t noticed any staining while using this one.

Both of these are bright and super fun colors that light up your whole makeup look and get you in a right mood for spring!


***Eurydice and Scandal were purchased by me.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box – February


Today it’s time to take a quick look at Lookfantastic February Beauty Box. If you’re still waiting for yours and don’t want to know what’s inside then don’t scroll down any further ;)



This was my third LF Beauty Box and I’m still pretty pleased with the products inside. Previous boxes have introduced new to me products that I have started using on a daily basis. This time the nice surprise was that there wasn’t a supplement product in this box. I’m not crazy about those and much rather take some cosmetics products instead.



Moroccanoil Treatment (for all hair types) 25 ml

This is a product that I use regularly and like very much. My last bottle is almost empty so this was a nice surprise. Also my hair has very little damaged part left and it would’ve been a waste of money to buy a new bigger bottle since I won’t need to use this much longer. As good as this oil is it’s too heavy for my natural, undamaged hair and makes it look oily really easily. I think that by the time I have used this bottle it’s also time to cut the dry lengths off.


Monu Illuminating Primer 20 ml

This is a new to me brand and I’m excited to test this product. Quick test on my hand and cheek showed that this white primer brings a nice amount of light an glow and instead of feeling silicone-y and smooth it leaves a bit of a tacky feeling on your skin. I feel a review coming up later on.


Korres Citrus Little Body Milk 50 ml

I like Korres as a brand but this product is not for me. The scent is way too masculine and strong so this is going to go to my husband and he’ll probably use it as hand lotion if he can live with the strong scent. I can’t say much about how this moisturizes and so on since I’m not willing to even test this further. The scent is by no means bad. It just simply smells too masculine for me to want to apply it on my skin.


Dr PawPaw Original Balm 10 ml

This is a heavy feeling balm that is mentioned to be suitable for lips, skin, hair, cuticles and nails. So it sounds like that you can use this for what ever part of your body feels dry. I did a quick test on my dry lips and cuticles and this felt quite good. Another plus for being scent and flavor free. This might be a product I’ll end up buying more of after I’m done with this little tube.


Erno Lazzlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar 17 g

This product also interests me a lot. This is a bar soap for your face. Directions say to wet the bar and gently massage your face and neck with it. Continue massaging with your fingers and at last rinse off with water. This is supposed to gently exfoliate and clean your face without removing natural oils from your skin. I will definitely test this and there might be a review coming up later on too.


Bellapierre Cosmetics Natural Lip Liner No. 01

LF page says this is made of 100% natural pigments and promises waterproof wear. Unfortunately the shade is brown so I don’t really have use for this. I might still test this just to see if the waterproof claim is accurate.


Illamasqua Lipstick – Eurydice


Naturally I had to test the new camera with some makeup too. I chose lipstick cos that is easy enough to photograph. The photo is far from good enough but you can see the shade well so I’ll let it go this time ;)

This is Illamasqua Eurydice, a matt finish bright pink/fuchsia lipstick. This is quite dry but still applies well. My lips weren’t moisturized enough for this and you can see some dry spots. So using a good lip scrub and a moisturizer is a must with this one (like with most matte lipsticks). This wears well and doesn’t feel too dry on my lips. I have two Illamasqua matt finish lipsticks and I love them both, long lasting and great quality.

When I bought this my hair was blonde and I felt like this might be too bright for me. Now that my hair is purple my usual go-to coral and peachy colors don’t work as well but this one fits me perfectly (full makeup pic using this coming up in near future). Not really a fall color but when there’s some snow on the ground this will look gorgeous!




***Eurydice was purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking the link on this post.

Milani Lip Flash – Hot Flash


Hello lovelies! Today I have two posts for you and here’s the first one, a rare makeup post. Few days ago I mentioned that I wanted to also start blogging about makeup and cosmetics, not just nails and here we go. My first makeup post in a long while :)

This is Milani Lip Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Gloss Pencil in Hot Flash 05. I bought mine from Cherry Culture sometime last year.


This pencil is on the thick side and quite soft. It applies very smoothly and evenly but cos of the size I have hard time trying to use it as lip liner too. So for sharp looking result I like to either use a lip liner pencil or apply Lip Flash with a brush for the finishing touch.

Hot Flash is highly pigmented and has visible shimmer in it. It is creamy and doesn’t feel dry on my lips. It’s also surprisingly long lasting through eating and drinking. It wears off pretty nicely leaving a hint of shimmer and redness on your lips.



I love this deep, bold, metallic shade! Great product for the price!

I’ll be back later today with a nail post. My first TIOT :) Check back later to find out what that is about!



***Milani Lip Flash was purchased by me

MAC Ruby Woo

Here in my blog I made a few New Year’s resolutions and one of them was using more colorful lip makeup. I’m trying to live up to that promise and bought the perfect product for that too, MAC Ruby Woo. This bright vintage pin-up red has a pretty dry formula but it applies well, doesn’t make my lips dry and stays on forever.
I really like MAC lipsticks myself. Quality is usually excellent, color range is wide and I just love that delicious scent. You ladies have any other great brands/products to suggest for a beginner lip makeup freak?