A while back lovely Kim from Overall Beauty sent me some of her mineral eye shadows to test. Today I’ll show you swatches of these pretties and later on there will be more detailed reviews and makeup photos using these products. These are loose eye shadows and they come in a 5 g sifter jar. You can also purchase samples.

I’m very happy with the quality of these eye shadows. They are smooth, shimmery and very pretty on their own and eye shadow primer brings out a whole new side of these.

Camelot is a perfect natural day eye shadow. It’s shimmery peachy pink on it’s own and it has a blue flash. With a primer the blue flash is more visible. I actually like to wear that one without a primer cos it’s almost nude looking but makes my eyes look brighter. It just wipes that tired “My kiddos kept me up all night again” look off my face ;)

Up All Night is a super pretty lilac but it’s also very glittery so you will want to wear this by tapping it over a primer or a creamy eye shadow. I prefer to apply eye shadows like these by tapping them on instead of brushing them. That way all the glitter sticks to the base and there is minimal fallout of glitter on your cheekbones.

Last I have to mention Last Exit. This one makes me go “Ohh!” every time I look at it. It’s is totally unique in my collection and it’s just gorgeous. Last Exit is medium grey with amazing pink shimmer. I’ll show you swatches of this over different bases in a near future.



So here are the swatches of these pretties and keep your eyes peeled for more detailed reviews in the future. Overall Beauty Minerals can be purchased from their store (worldwide shipping) along with other cosmetics and several nail polish brands. You can follow Overall Beauty on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.



***These eye shadows were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.