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Some Essence shopping for spring


I recently did some Essence shopping. I was surprised to see the Juice It! Trend Edition in the store because I thought it came out last year. Did I miss something? Did they re-release it? So I got some products from that collection and two Matt Matt Matt lip products plus a lipliner pencil.

I love just Essence! Many of their products are so good and so affordable.

White and red polka dots


So we are back to square nails. I’ll miss the claws but I just have no time to maintain them right now so I’m taking the easy way out. I actually made these longer at first and then, probably for the first time in my life I thought “hmm, I want my nails to be shorter” :D so I filed some more length off and here we are.

Starting the new year with vampy claws


End of the year was so busy for me that I didn’t get to even do my nails. I was running around with nekkid nails most of the December. I also fixed the gel layover on my left hand nails twice and never had time to do the right hand. Pathetic! Right before New Year’s Eve I decided that enough is enough and I refuse to welcome the new year with horrible nails. So I finally managed to reshape my nails and fill in the UV-gel layover. I painted them just couple of hours before midnight. So obviously I stayed at home and took it easy New Year’s Eve :P


Essence the gel nail polish – 23 Wonderfuel


I recently visited the Essence stand in a local store and bought five polishes. Here’s a first of those five, 23 Wonderfuel from their the gel nail polish line. This polish isn’t an actual gel polish that requires UV-light to dry. It dries like a normal polish but it’s said to be long lasting. Since I have the UV-gel layover on my nails I can’t really say much about how long this lasts cos the gel layover pretty much makes every polish long lasting.

Essence Blush Up! Powder Blushes


Today I’m showing you two Essence blushes that are about to make their exit out of the stores (at least most stores. These are 10 Heat Wave and 20 Pinky Flow, such beautiful ombre blushes and they are great quality for a very affordable price. (more…)

Essence – Top Of The Ice-stream


I got my hands on the whole Essence Snow Jam collection earlier this year, thanks to lovely The Swatchaholic. This is actually the first polish out of the four I have taken swatch photos of. Top Of The Ice-stream is a sheer shimmery white with a hint of icy blue in it. I love this polish! I don’t think I can find another bottle so I’m almost afraid to use this in a fear of running out. It’s only a 8 ml bottle :/

Application was excellent and dry time was fast. This is a bit on the sheer side but I only used two coats on the photos below plus HK Girl top coat. So very pretty!