Finally I have time to write my review about Revlon Runway Collection nails. I glued these to my sisters nails early November. The model is Sequins and the length is medium.

It was easy to find a right size for each nail and there was enough of these nails to have some spare ones too. The package includes everything you need. The package also has simple and easy to follow instructions printed on it.

Before applying the nails I buffed her natural nails lightly and wiped the dust off. Gluing the nails on was a mess at the first try and I definately need to practise that some more. I got glue everywhere and almost got my fingers stuck to my sisters hands. There was also quite a bit of air bubbles between the nails. So it didn’t go too well from my part.

My sister on the other hand was very pleased with the results. She said the nails look and feel very natural. Regardless of me messing up the gluing process the nails stayed on perfect for 10 days. After a week she filed them shorter and applied a coat of nail polish. The nails also didn’t fall off by themselves and she used acetone to soak them off.

I’d also like to mention that my sister has tried both acrylic and gel nails before and they both started falling off after a few days. So she was more than happy to see how well these worked for her.

I also only have a positive opinion about these nails and the air bubbles you can see in the photo have nothing to do with the quality of the nails and everything to do with me being a dumbass gluing them on ;) My sister has asked me to glue new nails on for her for Christmas and I hope I can do a little better that time :)