I had no time to write the post about nail art supplies that I promised you for yesterday. I’ll try and get that done for tomorrow.

I spent yesterday getting my friend ready for her 30th birthday party and had to get myself ready to go too ;)

Today I have managed to waste all my time organizing my new makeup corner. I have it almost done and ready to go so I can take pics of it for you guys.

While I was moving all my makeup to their new home I once again realized how darn dirty my NARS blush cases were. I wanted to figure out a way to get them cleaned and then I though of this Cleanser fluid (mainly alcohol) I used for wiping sticky stuff off gel nails and I decided to give it a try. Cleanser did the trick and my blush cases now look almost as if they were brand new :D

I’m so happy I found something to get those cases clean with. They feel so nice and smooth to hold but they also get dirty and nasty looking way too easy.