Hello my lovelies! Today I have a quick tutorial on how I remove those glitter bombs from my UV-gel coated  nails. When you have acrylic nails on, using acetone is a big no no, not to mention doing the foil method. UV-gel is not so much harmed by the acetone but I still prefer not to use the foil method so this is how I do it. I DO NOT recommend this method if you have natural nails cos you WILL damage your nails doing this! So this is only if you have gel or acrylic nails on.


This is what I start with, acetone free nail polish remover, metallic cuticle pusher and some cotton pads.
First I remove all the polish that comes off easily. I do this two fingers at a time. No need to try and scrub that glitter off.
Then I take the cuticle pusher and just push the glitter off the nail. Nail polish remover softens the remaining glitter and the polish underneath it so that this is easy enough to do. I only do two nails at the time and work quickly. If you do more than two, the glitter and remaining polish is harder to remove. Always try to push away from your cuticles cos you can do some serious damage if the pusher slips. Sometimes you might have to add a little bit of nail polish remover to loosen the last little glitter pieces and then use the pusher again.
After you have gotten all the glitter off your nails there’s still going to be a little bit of polish left. So just clean the rest of it with nail polish remover…
… and you’re done!
The UV-gel I use (Cesar’s Secrets) doesn’t get damaged at all cos of this. There might be a scratch or two if too much force is used. This is of course still more time consuming than removing regular nail polish but I love my glitter bombs so I’m willing to go through a little more trouble ;) This will save you a serious amount of nail polish remover and cotton pads though compared to trying to just use those alone to get the glitter off.