For me one product is clearly above the others and that is Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Fast Drying + Super Shiny top coat. I tried it for the first time in March and I’ve been hooked since then. I use it with most of my manicures. It makes my nail polish life so much easier and I totally love it!




– It’s thin and easy to apply.
– Shine is superior to the other fast drying top coats I have tried.
– Dries at least as fast if not faster than other fast drying top coats I have tried.
– Does not shrink the polish.
– I have never experienced bubbling using this top coat.
– Applies so smoothly that I use it with stamping and nail art too.
– Works great for refreshing a few days old manicure. Brings the shine right back on!
– Doesn’t dull the holo effect like some top coats can do.
– Intense colors, sparkling glitters and glowing shimmer just look better with this top coat.
– Does NOT thicken in the bottle!! I have used several bottles to the last drop without using thinner once!

…and is there anything I don’t like about this top coat?

– Nope, not a thing! (Unless I count the fact that I only have one unopened bottle left!)

So if you haven’t tried this top coat yet I suggest you do so soon! It truly is an excellent top coat and to me it’s the best top coat out there!

You can buy HK Girl straight from Glisten & Glow or stockists like Mei Mei’s Signatures, Norway Nails, Overall Beauty and few others.



***Some of the HK Girl bottles I have used I bought and some were gifted to me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.