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Blue Essies for winter with a hint of gold


There’s still a good amount of snow on the ground here in Finland so it’s a perfect time of the year to wear blue polishes. I just always associate blue polish with winter. I did another very quick and easy nail art thingy too. That’s all I have time for nowadays. My youngest one is a real life human tornado and when he is up it is completely impossible for me to do my nails. So quick and easy manis it is :)

Dots and stripes – Quick and easy nail art


So now that the nail growing project is fully started and I have my natural nails back I also have to get used to the short length. This is quite a change from the long pointy gel nails I had. I usually hate this part with short and thin nails and don’t want to even take nail photos. This time I have decided to enjoy these nubbins and do some nail art too.

White and red polka dots


So we are back to square nails. I’ll miss the claws but I just have no time to maintain them right now so I’m taking the easy way out. I actually made these longer at first and then, probably for the first time in my life I thought “hmm, I want my nails to be shorter” :D so I filed some more length off and here we are.

Pink and bling nails


Hello, hello, hello! (I’ve been binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race while being sick with kidney infection and that thing is no joke, let me tell you that). Since I was feeling too sick to even open my laptop for several days it’s taken me much longer than I planned to post these nails. I already showed you this design on my IG though. So here are the details of what I used for this manicure.