I’ll start this post by saying that this monthly subscription box is only available in Finland but the products in it are mostly internationally available so I might as well show you what was inside and talk about my first impressions. This is a first ever Bette Box and here’s what it looked like.



The bottom of the box seems to have taken a couple of hits but it was still in one piece and so were all the products inside.

At first there was a card with detailed info of all the products in this box.



And here we go … not bad .. not bad at all. A couple of hair products, mascara, blush and face cream. All new to me products so I get to test them all.



January Bette Box had following produts in it:

TRESEMMÉ MAX THE VOLUME ROOT LIFT & TEXTURE FOAM I can’t even remember when I last used foam like products on my hair. Been a long while. So I’m very interested to test this. I have fine hair that really can use some texture and lift but the product needs to also be light enough or my hair will just look dirty. Remains to be seen if this works for me.

MAYBELLINE THE FALSIES PUSH UP ANGEL This mascara has an interesting comb like looking brush. These plastic brushes hardly ever really work for my lashes or give me very dramatic results. This one is so different from what I usually use though that I need to give this a try asap. I’m hoping this will work for me but I’m not holding my breath.

EVO ROOT CANAL BASE SUPPORT SPRAY. The other hair product in this box. This is also supposed to give your roots lift and support. I’ve heard really good things about Evo products and I’m pretty excited to try this.

MANNA KADAR PARADISE PEARLIZED BLUSH This is my first Manna Kadar product. The first impression is mostly positive. The shade is a beautiful glowing peachy pink (Manna Kadar calls it cherry blossom pink). There is a real glow to this and no shimmer or glitter. Texture of this blush is very creamy and it’s highly pigmented. It also works as an eye shadow. Packaging size is quite small, 0.04 oz but then again I have so many blushes I’m not at a risk of running out of product anytime soon. Only negative thing I have to mention is the packaging itself. It’s very plastic-y and makes the whole product seem cheaper than it is ($19). I also had big problems trying to open it. The lid was so tight I was afraid I’d break my already short nails before I got it open. So I ended up using a knife to help me open it. Other than that it seems like a great product and I definitely will use this. I gotta see if I could depot it and put it in to a Z-palette or something.

LUMENE LÄHDE [SOURCE] MATTE HYDRATION 24H CREAM-GEL Lumene products are available in some countries outside of Finland (USA, Sweden, Russia at least). They recently renewed their products and also the packaging. I really like this new look they have. I haven’t used or tried too many Lumene face creams so I just had to open this immediately. I was expecting this to be light, clear, gel like product. When I opened the jar I saw almost white, quite thick yet gel like cream. This was more moisturizing and felt creamier than I expected but I don’t think it’s enough for my skin during these cold winter months. Right now it’s -20 C/-4 F outside and a freezing wind. So I guess if I was a bit smarted I would’ve waited to open this till the weather warms up a bit and gave it a fair chance. I’ll still keep testing though.


So this is what was inside of this beauty subscription box. All in all I was happy with this box and I’ll continue to order these for now. I just like to get a box (or a few boxes/bags) full of nice surprises every month :)

Have you tried any of these products?