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June 26, 2015
My first celebrity fragrance – Katy Perry Killer Queen’s Spring Reign Katy-Perry-Spring-Reign

I believe this is also my first fragrance post. I haven’t written any cos I totally suck at describing scents and notes etc. but now I’m giving it a try. If this ends up being a total disaster I promise not to do this again :D

Katy Perry Killer Queen’s Spring Reign is a limited edition fragrance and the bottle is so beautiful that I would’ve kept it as a decoration even if I didn’t like the scent.

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June 25, 2015
Glisten & Glow – Clubbin’ Teal Dawn (July A Box, Indied) Glisten-&-Glow---Clubbin'-Teal-Dawn

Today I have a polish that can only be purchased as part of July A Box, Indied subscription box. This is Glisten & Glow Clubbin’ Teal Dawn. Obviously a teal linear holo polish. So, so pretty!

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June 24, 2015
Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing lotion Vaseline-intensive-care

I’m super lazy when it comes to moisturizing my skin. I take care of my face and hands but that’s about it. I almost never use body moisturizer after shower. I just usually don’t even have time to wait for the creams to absorb. BUT now I have found a lotion that works great for me.

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June 23, 2015
IDUN Minerals Nail Polish – Agat Idun-Minerals---Agat

Today I have sort of a teaser for you since IDUN Minerals products are not available around the world yet. I just want to show you this and some of their other products in upcoming posts in case the brand comes available in your country in a future. IDUN Minerals is a Swedish mineral makeup company and you can read more about their products from their website.

The first product I’m going to show you is one of their nail polishes. At the moment their line has 13 colors plus a base coat and top coat. IDUN polishes are 5-Free. The bigger cap on the bottle comes off easy leaving a smaller one that is easier to hold when you paint your nails.

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