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October 8, 2015
Essence the gel nail polish – 23 Wonderfuel Essence---23-Wonderfuel

I recently visited the Essence stand in a local store and bought five polishes. Here’s a first of those five, 23 Wonderfuel from their the gel nail polish line. This polish isn’t an actual gel polish that requires UV-light to dry. It dries like a normal polish but it’s said to be long lasting. Since I have the UV-gel layover on my nails I can’t really say much about how long this lasts cos the gel layover pretty much makes every polish long lasting.

Formula was a bit on the sheer side and it required three coats to be opaque. Dry time wasn’t the fastest either. I really did like the color though. It’s a beautiful purple that has a lot of light blue/turquoise shimmer on it. On the bottle it looks like it could also be a duochrome but I didn’t really see that effect on my nails.

Wonderfuel is another perfect shade for fall and I’ll definitely wear this again.

For this manicure I used three thin coats of Wonderfuel and HK Girl top coat (no base coat cos of the gel layover).



***Wonderfuel was purchased by me.

October 5, 2015
Fall appropriate floral manicure black-acrylic-paint-flowers

I’ve been wanting to do a nude with black nail art manicure for a while now. At first I was thinking about stamping lace pattern on my nails but that design is all over the place now. Then I considered free hand lace with roses. Didn’t like how that looked. After that I just took my Mosaic M brush and Oumaxi black acrylic paint and started practising wavy lines. Somehow those turned into these flowers and I really liked how they ended up looking. On some parts the black looked too solid and after the paint was dry I took a needle and scratched some of the paint away.

The base is two coats of  Delush Polish In Nude We Trust from the Nue Collection. I believe this is a discontinued shade and it’s now been sold for a discounted price. In Nude We Trust is a very pretty shimmery metallic nude that was easy to apply and dried quickly. Rhinestones are from Konad wheel and matte top coat is from Born Pretty Store.



***Matte top coat was gifted to me. All the other products mentioned were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

October 3, 2015
The lovely KIKO 255 kiko-255

Fall is probably my favorite time of the year when it comes to nail polish and makeup. Deep, dark, dramatic colors, purples, burnt orange, reds, browns … love them!

So getting KIKO 255 Violet Microglitter on my nails made me very happy. This is such a beautiful dark purple packed with holographic micro-glitter. So, so pretty and perfect for fall when you still have bright, sunny days to make that sparkling glitter pop! These photos are taken with daylight bulbs so the holo effect doesn’t show in all it’s glory, but trust me, it’s there.



Application was a little uneven on the first coat and I applied three thin coats for perfect result. This dries a little rough and dull so top coat is a must. This dried pretty fast and removal wasn’t that bad at all even with all the micro-glitter in it. Since I have the uv-gel layover on my nails again I didn’t use any base coat. Shine is provided by HK Girl, my favorite fast drying top coat.


***KIKO 255 was purchased by me.

October 1, 2015
Summer vacation, rosacea and nail breakdown gel-layover-Sep-2015

Hello, hello ! Long time, no see. Though I’ve been around in my social media pages, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. I just ended up having a long, unplanned summer vacation from the blogging world. I’ve been battling with my skin issues getting worse. My face is still very red and has a rash on it as well as my chest area has red rash on it.  I went to a dermatologist and the problems have now been diagnosed as rosacea. I’m taking medication for it and applying a cream twice a day so I’m hoping to see things getting a bit better.

Red face I can kinda live with since I can cover that with makeup pretty easy as long as the skin is smooth. The chest area bothers me more. Photo below was taken before I went to see the doctor. I’ve been on the meds for a week now and I don’t see much of a difference yet but it can take a few weeks before things start getting better. So fingers crossed that I can finally get over these skin problems.



To make things worse, my nails also decided to fall apart completely. I think I went through some kind of after pregnancy hormonal change. At first there was this horizontal line on all my nails where you could see the nail started to grow thinner. That became visible a few months after giving birth. When this line grew out for about three months it reached the sides of the free edge and I got these deep painful tears to many of my nails. I kept fighting it trying to glue the nails and just tried grow the tears out. It didn’t really work. More tears happened and many of my nails had to be filed short. After a while I simply gave up and put the UV-gel layover back on my nails. I used the gel to sculpt the length back on the nails that were shorter too. My nails are now bit longer than I can grow them to be without the layover but I’m not planning on going super long or stiletto style at this time.



So this is where we I am now. Gel layover is back on my nails and I will keep you updated about the rosacea situation and let you know if the treatment helps.

I have some nail posts ready to go and Glisten & Glow Cocktails Anyone? Part 1 and 2 reviews are coming up. I won’t go on any regular posting schedule right now. I’ll try and post at least three times a week though but I’ll keep it relaxed until I get back to the rhythm and we’ll go from there :)

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